Project Update

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Where are we up to?

  • All consultation is now complete.
  • The next draft (v0.9.1), the Pilot Draft, is now available for download (using the button at the top right of the page).
  • Piloting of the latest version was completed in November 2014.
  • The Project Team is currently finalising the LTAS Statement for publication.
Where Are We Up to?

We are  11 months into the 12 month timeframe and will be finishing up the Project in February!

We recently finalised the "Pilot Draft" which was used by a number of Australian Universities to map their award program against. This helped ensure the TLOs are workable and useful.

The latest draft version of TLOs are now available for download (using the Download Latest Draft button).

What are our next steps?

The next part of the project will be to:

  • Finalise the Statement
  • Seek ACEDD endorsement to allow for use of the TLOs in early 2015
  • Publish the Statement and Final Report.